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I have been seeing Dr. Gaviglio for seven months, due to a pinched nerve that runs down my left hand and sometimes my right hand which causes numbness to my hands, fingers and palm, which follows with pain and dizziness. Ever since I have been seeing him, I am so much better. Thank you, Dr. Gaviglio, God bless you and guide you with each and every one of us.

S. M.

I have had back pain for about seven years. It has gradually gotten worse. As an active woman who loves to take walks and daily exercise, I’ve realized this pain has slowed me down. It has kept me limited to doing the things I enjoy. I knew it was time to get my pain checked out, but unsure of which way to go. I’ve had my share of surgeries, and this was one more that I didn’t want to have. I was referred to Dr. Gaviglio and since my first visit, I feel such an improvement. I feel great and I am even able to resume most of my exercise. Thank God for Dr. Gaviglio.

A. C.

How chiropractic stuff has helped my life…
..Less pain when I am forced to be sitting at work.
..Willingness to do more because I’m not in pain.
..Dr. G. actually listens and talks to me as a person not a patient and addresses all my issues.
..Less stress in my body and that means less bad days and bad moods.
..Makes work easier knowing that if I’m sore afterwards that I can see Dr. G. and he will get everything on track again
..Been coming since I was 18, over a year now and haven’t felt physically better in quite a while


Jeff H.

I just want to take a moment to say a little bit about chiropractic care and Dr. Gaviglio. I’ve had back and neck pains for most of my life and have been under chiropractic care for almost 30 years. I’ve been seeing Dr. Gaviglio for approximately four years now and what a difference he has made with the relief of my back and neck pains. I feel Dr. Gaviglio has not only helped me with my pains, but he also has with my over all physical health. He takes his time with you and does not rush through your treatment. Not only is he a great chiropractor, but he is also a great person. I highly recommend Dr. Gaviglio to any one in need of chiropractic care.

Glenn of Waterford

I have had terrible back problems for as long as I can remember. Being only 23 it was over looked many times. I was always told, you’re too young to be having problems. Dr. Gaviglio was very compassionate and showed great concern right away. I have been seeing him for about three months and in my whole life, have never felt better.
P.S. – Thank you Dr. G. and kudos on the great staff!

Brandee S.

Years ago I was in a lot of pain. I barely walked into the Chiropractors office alone. My husband accompanied me and we both started treatment. In days I was a new person. From the first day I could walk alone. For years I took a lot of pills. I had Darvon, Darvaset, Flexeril and a script for 800 MG Motrin. I had to switch because of the fact they don’t help as well for extended patients. I believe in natural healing and remedies. Now all I take are vitamins and supplements. I don’t have any script or even any over the counter pain medicine, not even aspirin. Dr. Gaviglio is my only Dr. now. He truly has been a blessing to me. Thank you Dr. G.

A. J.

I first became familiar with chiropractic medicine in the late ’90’s after a rather nasty slip and fall that compressed, crunched, and tweaked my body in November of ’87’.
I sought chiropractic measures as an alternative to the aggressive surgeries I was facing and the shoe boxes of drugs I was taking and I’m very glad I did.
I came to Dr. Gaviglio’s office in tears one august day after re-injuring my neck in another fall. I remember asking him to cut off my arm so it would stop throbbing and burning. After X-rays were taken Dr. G explained it wasn’t my arm but my neck he started me on regular visits then exercise along with traction I could do in my own home. I continue to see Doctor Gaviglio for maintenance adjustments as my back will never be what it once was before my slip and fall.. I would recommend chiropractic medicine to anyone who will listen because as far as I’m concerned it kept me from having to take drugs and I thus far have avoided back and or neck surgery.

Kellee G.

Dear Dr. Gaviglio,
I thank the Lord for you. Since you started working with me I went from barely walking and having assistance sitting up in a chair to playing with my children. It was hard being the physical strong man of the family, the go to guy. Last year I became ill and bed-ridden for almost two months. That prevented me from work. I could not even focus long on simple tasks. As you know lying around all day is not good for your back. When that pinched-nerve came about just as I was getting over my illness, my wife was getting sick of caring for me. She underwent a lot of stress trying to fill the gap I left open in the family.
Now I am doing so much better and in just a short amount of time. I have found a job and am back to filling the gap I left behind. My wife still helps me out from time to time because she has found a new appreciation for me. I am the same way. Since your help doctor I have told others about you and passed off your information to them.

Thank you,
William T.

When I first came to know Chiropractic medicine, I had shoulder pain, back pain, and pain running down both of my legs. I walked into Dr. Gaviglio’s office in December of ’07’ where I found my right knee was shorter than my left and that my back was twisted.
Today I am happy to report that I am totally pain free.

Thank you,
A. H.

I’ve been seeing Dr. Gaviglio since 1977. He has really helped me. I had bad headaches and shoulder pain, constant low back pain and leg pain. I thank him for his help. Chiropractic has helped me in more ways than said here.

Thank you,
S. P.

Dr. Gaviglio,
About six years ago I fell off a roof shattering my right heel. At that time I chose not to have surgery on the heel as one doctor recommended. I found out that my right leg was almost one inch shorter than my left due to the accident. Up to this point I visited a Chiropractor once in a while.
The accident left me in some unusual pain at irregular times. So I asked a friend which Chiropractor he would recommend and he said Dr. Gaviglio. I made an appointment and we began a regular visit schedule which started to help me almost immediately. I guess what I’m saying is that if I had to make a recommendation I would strongly recommend Dr. Gaviglio. He has been a very good doctor and a better friend. I now enjoy a pain free life style and always look forward to my next visit.

Greg S.

After hurting my back lifting at work, my job sent me to doctor, to doctor for pain. They gave me pills after pills. They just covered up the pain. My husband told me about Dr. Gaviglio, so I went to see him. He x-rayed my back and started treatment. Now I don't need pain pills and my life is pain free and pill free.

Thank you,
L. J.

Dr. Gaviglio,
I started chiropractic in August, 1977. Chiropractic has taken me off nerve medications. It has put me in fairly good health and shape, I'm limber to this day. I ride bicycles, squat and bend, kneel and jump back up on my feet. Chiropractic did get me over many things thru my years. I recommend chiropractic to anyone I meet and know. For a senior I am in better shape than other people or family members I know. I owe it all, to many years of chiropractic.

Milton P.


testimonial.jpgDr. Gaviglio,
After twisting while doing yard work, I found myself in a lot of pain. I went to my doctor and he took x-rays of my neck and back and told me to take pain medicine. I decided that wasn't what I wanted to do, so I called my insurance company for a name of a chiropractor in the network and I chose you. I called your office and made an appointment and I am so glad I did, as I felt better after one visit and I was pain free after a few more treatments.
The following winter, I slipped and fell at a fast food restaurant and hit my head and neck on the curb. Again, my doctor wanted me to take pain pills, but I decided to see you. Dr. Gaviglio, again your treatment took the pain away. I now try to see you on a monthly basis.

Thank you,
Greg M.


I've been seeing the doctor for about three years now and he's really helped me a lot. I have trouble with my knees and back. The doctor does his adjustments and I feel a lot better.
I thank him for his help. I think he's the best.

Carol D.


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